Frequently Asked Questions

What are you earring hooks and chains made of?

All earring hooks are real gold or silver, either solid or plated on brass. The majority of our chains are real gold or silver plated on brass as well with the exception of our vintage upcycle pieces will be unknown metals.
Concerns? Metal allergies? Just send us a message, and we can do our best to accomodate! 

Do you have a men's or women's section?

Nope! We make all of our pieces for everyone. If you like it, try it out! 

Do you do Custom orders?

Yes! Send us a message, and we can discuss pricing! 

What is radical adornment?

Radical adornment is a way of becoming more conscientious about the ways we externalize messages and intentions about ourselves into the world. Jewelry has been a human interest for millenia, and often tells stories, celebrates belief or culture, or communicates to others how you would like to be seen. But it can also be used by the person wearing it to set intentions or focus on something they might want to call into their life. Our specialty is to create pieces that have a story that will accentuate and amplify the direction the customer would like to be move or what they would like to embody.

What is Witchpunk?

Holy Crow was the founder of The Witchpunk Collective, which operated for five years as a group that centered and celebrated trans, queer, and non-binary perspectives in magic and art. We sought to create public and private places for reflection on decolonizing magic and from our presence, encourage others to begin to rewild their spiritual practices and community spaces.
Holy Crow jewelry is Witchpunk in style because it is a reflection of the many years of meditation, discussion, and public discourse on how to create a more liberating magical practice for all that is still rooted in a blend of traditions.