Holy Crow: Art Elemental



Eowyn Evans is the Art Elemental that secretly powers Holy Crow Art, a Mobile Art Vendor who brings art, design, and evidence of magic to a wide audience. Her unique take on jewelry design combines crystals, esoteric symbols, charms, and natural elements to form eye-catching pieces. In her illustration and photography she blends traditional art forms with modern digital techniques. She frequently works with genderqueer, drag, and burlesque themes.

Her work has been seen in solo and group shows up and down the East Coast, as well as published on The ToastDapper Q, and”All Season Stephanie,” (Rain Taxi). In addition, Eowyn produces shows, such as “The Literary Roast” and “Once More With Pasties: A Buffy Burlesque,” and collaborates with a community of artists in Mexico. When she isn’t communing with sea-beasts, she uses her immense oracular wisdom to spill coffee on herself.